Aw, crap.

Well I overslept (Woke around five to the sound of rain on the roof, so rolled over and went back to sleep.) Didn’t climb out of my rack till a bit after 6:30, to find the clouds parting and a threat of serious sunshine. Late! Wanted to get the rest of my panel rack assembled.

And the first part went fine, but then when it came to the actual racking I ran into a show-stopper…

I’ve got no fasteners that will drill into a 2X6 and hold heavy racking and solar panels against a serious angle. None. And it never even occurred to me to wonder how I was going to accomplish that.

Unless I find something useful in Landlady’s barn, which is where I’m heading right after breakfast, I’m stuck till Saturday. I need to find my roll of mechanic’s wire and go secure the chicken yard gate, so I’ll have accomplished something this morning. Then after that it’s laundry, weather permitting, and bread. I just found mold on my last half-loaf and tossed it to the chickens.

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