Aw, that’s nice!

I was out on my morning walky when I got a text from D&L:

Making a kamikaze run to Safeway for meat. Try to get home by noon. Do you need to go? Meat restrictions in place or I would offer to pick up for you.

And I kicked the ground and replied,

Dammit, I’d love to but have to pass, no cash right now. Let me know if you get delayed and I’ll feed horses.

A few hours later L telephoned and said ‘Meat restrictions weren’t as bad as we’d been led to believe. Come on over when you can, I have some for you as a pre-payment for helping with the tractor on Friday.” We had a problem last week and they had to order a new coolant drain, which came in today and looks like it’s going to be a PITA to install. I’d already agreed to come help when it was time, and now that’s scheduled for Friday morning before it gets hot.

TB and I had some running around to do anyway so we went over to D&L’s and look what they brought us!

That was really nice, they didn’t have to do that. I’m already so far upside down on karma points with those two I’ll never catch up as it is.

TB will probably get the lion’s share of these nice chicken breasts, but…

He’s gonna have to share. After all, I did all the work. 🙂

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5 Responses to Aw, that’s nice!

  1. Perhaps its been addressed but indulge me if you would…..

    Do you have refrigeration at your place? Or do you mostly use Gun Jesus’ place for the refridgerated/frozen storage? Im curious how youd store the chicken.

  2. Wayne Dygert says:

    No matter who you are the world looks a little better with a few friends in the mix

  3. Joel says:

    I don’t have refrigeration at the cabin as such but for the past few years I can keep some frozen meat and cold beer at Ian’s place. Wasn’t always so but there’s this perfectly good refrigerator at a place nobody lives within easy walking distance, so why not. Also with the ability to freeze bottles of water it finally occurred to me last summer that I could also easily keep a cooler at the Lair, which opened up a lot of possibilities in terms of condiments I had previously gone without.

  4. Paul Joat says:

    From my experience with small coolers while camping if you wrap them in a blanket it makes a big difference in how long the ice lasts, I’ve gotten extra days of cold out of them.

  5. Paul Joat says:

    If meat restrictions get bad they might want to drag you along just to get an extra ration.

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