Bandit at six o’clock…

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Our old odd Uncle Joel is getting stranger than ever, now he’s posting pictures of shit.
1208141000Well it’s not what it is that caught my eye, for clearly ’tis nought but a turd. And it’s not even where it came from, which is unmistakably the south end of a northbound coyote. No, what got my attention was where I found it, which is inside the big horse enclosure – a place where coyotes should not be permitted to venture. Not ‘way out in back, either. This was right near the shelters.

I’ve mentioned before that the coyotes have been unusually intrusive just lately. Everybody around here has noticed it. And I told Neighbor J where I’d found it, and he considered it as significant as I did if not more. And when I got back from my errand to town, of which more in a bit, he told me that while I’d been gone a coyote had started singing close to the fence in the murky daylight and he just up and emptied his little Ruger .38 at it to be mean – at which point it shut right the hell up.

That ATV cover I was bragging about earlier wasn’t much help this morning, as the water condensed and froze on every damn thing. The quad didn’t want to start but I got it putting and drove it to shit-shoveling. And then when I went to leave, the damned thing betrayed me and wouldn’t start for nothing. And right about then I got a call from D&L wanting to go to town right then and there, so I pulled off the old damaged coil wire and caught a ride with them.

Bought a couple feet of wire from the CarQuest, hiked back to J&H’s, and screwed it into the coil. Took out the spark plug, connected it to the new wire and turned the starter over and lo there was spark so that either fixed the problem or spark wasn’t the problem to begin with – which I did not believe. Hooked everything back up, and the quad started up instantly. So I went and tended Landlady’s chickens and just now came home.

I swear I don’t think this mud is ever gonna dry, nor will I ever again see the sun. Climate Change has come to the desert and will surely kill us all. But at least that much went right today.

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2 Responses to Bandit at six o’clock…

  1. Does Neighbor J need someone to loan them a better gun to shoot coyotes? I’d say that definitely called for a rifle…

  2. Joel says:

    No, he’s fine for rifles. I don’t think he could even see the noisy coyote. He just thought the situation called for immediate response.

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