“BBQ gun” is not an expression I’ve heard before…

…but I understand the idea.

Do you have a dressy handgun and/or holster you only carry for nice?


My handguns are too beat-up to fit the description, but Tam (who wrote the linked article, BTW) once gave me a SERPA holster that sucks too bad for carrying but is therefore still shiny and scratch-free, and I wear it socially along with that unstained pair of pants I keep for the same purpose. So it’s a thing, but we’re weird out here. I wonder how wide-spread it is?

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12 Responses to “BBQ gun” is not an expression I’ve heard before…

  1. Mike says:

    Guns (long guns and pistols) are like any other tool they should be for go not for show. Guns in a gun cabinet are all safe and shiny but that’s not what guns are made for. The are made to help protect you from the dangers of the world, to put food on the table, to be used and, as required, abused. Guns are tools not decorations nothing more, nothing less.

  2. Brass says:

    A “BBQ gun” is a real thing. I first heard the term about 20 years ago. Mike I respectfully disagree. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a beautiful tool. A car is a tool, but people still have antique or beautiful vehicles that can serve only a couple of uses, one of them being merely aesthetic. Clearly, if it were all about functionality, everyone would carry a Glock.

  3. billf says:

    Brass,”everyone would carry a SIG “. FIFY

  4. Robert says:

    Joel: those unstained pants are the outer pair, yes? I kinda misread the sentence at first and was rather puzzled as to, well, nevermind.

    Mike and billf: Brass is right; y’all are, um, misinformed . Let the flame war begin! 🙂 Kidding- carry whatever you like.

    If I weren’t poor, I would probably carry a SIG instead of a Glock.

    LawDog’s blog was my introduction to the term BBQ Gun. I like the idea. Too bad my family BBQs are in a gun-phobic state.

    Gonna go make a gin ‘n tonic now.

  5. Brass says:

    Bill, I should have factored the financial aspect into my definition of “functionality.” Everyone would carry a Hi-Point. That way everyone would have a hammer. It might function as a statue-making tool: it’s uglier than Medusa.

  6. Judy says:

    Now we know, how LB knows, you are not taking him with you…Nice holster and britches.

  7. Robert says:

    Brass: You made me almost spill my drink from laughing. A hammer, heh.
    My Glock is ugly, too, and I don’t care as long as it works.

  8. Tennessee Budd says:

    Robert, ‘the outer pair” would be the only pair, I would think. Joel’s a desert hermit, but he’s not homeless; he has no reason to wear three pairs of pant at once.
    As for the pistols, I always figured SIG/Sauer was one of the brands I’d never own, being too damned expensive. Then I ran across a P229 at the local merchant of death, part of an LEO trade-in lot, & got it out the door for under $500.

  9. Tennessee Budd says:

    Oops, “pants”.

  10. Ben says:

    Tennessee Budd: Perhaps desert hermits go commando. Myself, I typically wear two pair of pants during daylight hours. Today’s inner pants say “Hanes” on the waistline. As for stains; no comment!

  11. Mike says:

    I read this and my first thought was all my stuff is more like a hammer then I remembered I actually have a perfect Executive Carry stainless Ed Brown that has zero scratches because I never had anything other than an ex wife that cost so much. I need to find a BBQ to go to I guess.

  12. Sendarius says:

    I understand the concept of a BBQ gun, but sometimes doubt the ability of the other BBQ attendees to notice.

    By way of explanation, while I was at the range one weekend, I was called in to work.
    Not wanting to leave my gun in the car, I grabbed a pancake holster from the bottom of my range bag, and waltzed into the office with the STI Edge on my hip.

    Of the seven other people there to deal with the emergency NOT ONE NOTICED that I was openly carrying a gun, in a state where doing so was illegal.

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