Busy between t-storms…

Yesterday was a very pleasant day, in that there was never even a credible threat of rain. Unlike the day before. And, allegedly, this afternoon. So certain things that should have happened on Wednesday were moved to Thursday, like Battery Day.

For the benefit of anyone happening by, Battery Day is supposed to occur on the first of each month and consists of me going to the three (theoretically) occupied areas and topping off battery electrolyte levels with distilled water while checking for maintenance issues like corroded connections. Yesterday was not the first of the month, but close enough: I could easily get between Landlady’s, Ian’s and my places without fear of melting like sugar. Hey, I’m a cedar rat: I’m not used to getting rained on.

While in the process of prosecuting my Battery Day duties I noticed to my embarrassment that the worst set of batteries in terms of corrosion buildup was my very own. Well, that’s no good.

So I gathered some materials normally stored at Landlady’s place and gave my batteries a good going over.

And now they’re all squeaky clean. Mix up a strong solution of baking soda in water, sacrifice a toothbrush giving the positive connections a good wet scrub, rinse (distilled water) and repeat until the bubbling stops. Flush the battery tops with distilled water and wipe everything clean. Anoint the positive connections liberally with anticorrosion grease…

A TUAK reader recommended this quite some time ago: I’ve used it for years with substantial success but it’s not forever. Diligence is still called for.

Afternoon, I took my bike to town for the first time in weeks, since the dirt roads are finally getting back into decent shape…

Even then there are some deep sandy patches that do not lend themselves to two-wheeled conveyances at all, and I thought I was going to land on my head a few times. But all’s well.

So far this morning all I’ve accomplished is a nice long morning walkie with Tobie, to see the sights and smell the smells.

That’s Tobie’s current favorite coyote dump, which for reasons known only to him he finds fascinating. Apparently it provides a depth of nuance and complexity a human nose simply can’t begin to appreciate. He seems to savor it in the same way I’ll sit in the evening sniffing a tiny glass of good rye without even drinking it as such. To each his own, I’m not judging.

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2 Responses to Busy between t-storms…

  1. Steve Walton says:

    I believe I was the person who recommended the battery stuff. In my climate, it’s pretty much forever, but your climate will kill unprotected urchins and tableware so I’m glad it’s mostly working out for you.

  2. Terrapod says:

    Tobie was probably doing a mental catalog of everything that coyote ate in the last 3 days and memorizing it so he can track the critter in the future. A few more months and he will be able to navigate without wires (or cords as the case may be). 😉

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