Butterflies and battery acid

The Monarch butterflies appear to be migrating. They come right through here, which is pretty cool.

I’ve heard that Monarchs need milkweed to continue on their way. I don’t know what these bushes are, but the bugs seem to find them adequate. You probably can’t see them in this photo, but there are a good dozen butterflies in it.

So we’re doing our part to preserve the environment, or something.

Speaking of doing our part, before this morning I was more than two weeks late servicing Landlady’s batteries.

In my own defense I hadn’t actually neglected them; I’ve been very interested in how much water they were boiling off since being applied to a circuit with any load at all. Kept forgetting to bring my filler jug and actually do my job, but I was paying attention to the level of … er, is “droppage” a word? Consumption is maybe what I’m going for. Anyway, they haven’t been using much water. But I did get around remembering the filler jug and topping them off this morning.

L has returned from her journeys for the moment and hopefully Ghost is happier for it. I’m going over there probably this afternoon, and when I go I’m bringing back their scaffold for the season.

I am by no means done painting the cabin – never even got started on the trim – but I’m done for the season. I’m frankly so sick of looking at paint cans just typing this sentence may make me throw up in my mouth a little. Concentrating on the interior for now; I’ll borrow the scaffold again in the Spring.

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2 Responses to Butterflies and battery acid

  1. riverrider says:

    i left my batts too long, checking only the first in the string which seemed to use the most water every check. number two batt ran dry, bellow the top of the plates, shorted out. rest were okay. no idea why. i might just take out number two and drive on without it.

  2. jed says:

    There’s been a bunch of butterflies through here in the past couple months. I thought they were Monarchs. Turned out they’re Painted Ladies. Still nice to see. They really like Zinnias, it seems. If find it amusing when they show up on weather radar.

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