Care packages!

Landlady’s schedule got bumped up a week and though I knew these packages were in transit I was so sure they wouldn’t be here this weekend I had already planned to spend money I really can’t afford on wire. But the donated wire has arrived!

A hundred foot coil of braided 12 gauge duplex! I can now finish the 12v wiring. This stuff is expensive, at least it is around here. Also leather bones for LB, some canned meat, and…

That’s the undershelf reading lamp for the new bedroom, which will go over the headboard (on the new/old bedstead, which is also coming sometime next month). Complete with dimmer control, which time will tell how useful that will be but I’m guessing probably lots given the application.

Also, Generous Reader Terrapod sent a bunch of thermostat wire, more than enough to get the furnace’s thermostat over where it belongs, halfway across the room from the new furnace.

And! He threw in some new trailer hold-downs, always extremely useful, AND!

A new Official TUAK camera! Which promptly set out to teach me what an out-of-touch old coot I am: You see that sign on the front that says “Touch Screen?” Well, I didn’t see that. There’s only five buttons on the whole machine, one is the shutter catch and another is on/off which seemed to leave very few buttons to control what would no doubt prove an awful lot of functions. And none of the buttons were rockers. So even when I could persuade the screen to display a menu, how the hell was I to make selections? I actually spent like fifteen minutes on this perplexing question, finally resolving to download a manual.

Then I was playing with the camera on a Ghost run, and I saw that sign. “Touch Screen.” And I remembered that people with smart phones could make them do things by touching or swiping the screen…

And I felt kind of stupid.

Speaking of stupid, while I used my telephone to take the picture of the camera above*, I kept hearing it make “shutter click” noises. Turns out you can take pictures by … touching the screen. Which is one of the dumber functions I can think of, because how do you hold the camera still while you do that? But maybe it has some use I haven’t yet discerned. Kinda meta, though. While I was gazing into the camera lens, it was gazing back into me.

Thanks, guys!

*Repeat that sentence to yourself over and over in a quiet environment, and see if a picture of The Infinite doesn’t appear in your mind.

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3 Responses to Care packages!

  1. terrapod says:

    Next box will have some good stuff in it too. I thought I had e-mailed you the link for the manual to the camera, the file at 14 megabytes is a tad large to send by e-mail,

    That will have to hold you for a while (grin) as I got called back to work and all my “retirement” projects went back on hold. They had better hire my replacement soon or I am going to get very grumpy….

  2. Ben says:

    Anything that keeps your project going forward is good. How many weeks until your wall-closing party?

  3. Joel says:

    Ben, it’s roughly a month away.

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