Care Packages!

I do confess this was a care package dump I anticipated to an unusual degree. It’s not every time somebody sends me something likely to revolutionize a lengthy and sometimes painful annual chore. Big Brother sent me some cordless tools once, and that fit in that category of gift. But nothing else would have come to mind before this morning…

Oh, I’ve been waiting for this. Can you believe somebody would just donate such a thing? I put off starting on woodcutting, in anticipation…

And sonuvagun, this thing looks like it’s never been out of the box. I know what I’m doing this afternoon – I’m reading the manual and figuring out how to put oil in it…

Not to be outdone, Big Brother – who also owns one – sent me a decoration I might actually slap on the Jeep just to be a dick…
Big brother also sent hardware for the addition…
This should be everything needed to hang the sliding barn door between the Lair’s main room and the addition, which in turn should end that little problem I noticed the first time I tried to seriously use the new furnace.

Along the same practical lines he also sent something I wouldn’t have thought of, had he not suggested I put up a ceiling box for the purpose…

It’s a 12-volt ceiling fan, made for RVs and toy haulers, that ought to work out quite well here. My only anxiety is whether it’s built to fit a standard box: I ran into that problem when I tried to repurpose some lamps from the Interim Lair several years ago and it didn’t work out so well. But if need be I’ll fix it.

Just in case I don’t get around to building the sliding door in a timely manner – a real consideration – somebody else sent a hefty shower rod and clips…

…and they’ll probably get used. I’m kind of up to my armpits in projects right now, all winter-related, and I’m close to out of time.

That same person included a gift of food, always welcome…

Speaking as somebody who does it for months at a time, I can tell you that “basic eating” gets old. Sometimes good old-fashioned packaged fast food looks really good. This stuff seems to require a microwave, which I don’t have, but that’s okay: I’ll store them up at Ian’s place. There’s one there. Sometimes in summer I guiltily store a few Hot Pockets there, and they rarely last long.

Speaking of goodies…

…Coloradohermit sent a literal goody bag, with treats healthy and otherwise…

…and thoughtfully not forgetting Little Bear. Who would thank you, if he knew who you are. Instead I’ll take credit. 🙂

Speaking of goodies, I got what has become a regular Big Brother care package…

Canned meat, snackies, leather bones, paperbacks, and an envelope filled with green paper! Yum.

Finally, feralfae sent the new bedroom’s first purely decorative item…

As nice a dreamcatcher as I’ve ever seen. Thanks!

I got myself a little toy, didn’t cost much…

One of the best uses for that tablet a generous reader sent last year was just to play tunes while I worked outside. Electrical system improvements have otherwise probably obviated the tablet but I do miss my tunes. I bought one of these little MP3 players several years ago but hated the earbuds. I don’t like not being able to hear what’s going on around me. Lost the player someplace and never missed it. But now I have the portable speaker I bought for the tablet, and it works fine with this tiny player. Never did figure out how to get tunes on the iPhone but this one uses a microSD card and even I know how to use that.

There was one unanticipated problem: Turns out the data card wasn’t completely empty.

And now I’m all traumatized. Who do I see about this microaggression? Are there windows I should be breaking? Reparations I should be demanding? Why would they assume this demonic song wouldn’t fall into the hands of a smelly, hidebound old hermit? One small trigger warning would have avoided so, so much pain…

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12 Responses to Care Packages!

  1. gojuplyr says:

    Reading the manual???? I am so very disappointed. Real man don’t read manuals. That’s why repairmen stay in business.

  2. Robert says:

    Sorry, can’t play the link- problem’s at this end. What is it? I won’t blame you for the earworm if I get one.

  3. Eric says:

    Sorry man, but i am absolutely sure that was on purpose. funny as hell too..

  4. Joel says:

    Robert, if that song gives you an earworm you need psychiatric help. It’s “Barbie” by some “musical group” named Aqua.

  5. terrapod says:

    Well then, do I send you the small microwave that one of my kids brought home from college and never retriived? It is collecting dust in the garage. If I wait a week you will probably be saying “stop sending microwave units” please 😉

  6. terrapod says:

    retrieved – Ugh, can’t spell before second cuppa coffee

  7. Joel says:

    No! Nooo microwaves, please!

    I’d have to build another room to keep it in.

  8. Eric says:

    Yes! Yes! a microwave! then after Joel adds the next room he’ll have a real Barbie house. 😛

  9. Ben says:

    I can see the Lair gradually morphing into a sprawling (yet disorganized) ranch home as Joel randomly adds room after room.

  10. David says:

    There are many, many worse songs than Barbie girl, which does at least have the merit of a catchy chorus.

    Stop being a big girls blouse and get into the groove.


  11. coloradohermit says:

    I love care package reports! If LB doesn’t know who I am maybe you could read him the card in the goody bag. But definitely you take credit for the chew thing since you have to live with him. 😉

  12. Phil says:

    You can heat those little meals up by placing them in hot water as long as the water doesn’t cover the top.

    I’m seriously beginning to wonder about your “Hermit” status here Bud.

To the stake with the heretic!