Check this out.

Neighbor S came over and re-did everything I did on Landlady’s batteries day before yesterday, bigger.


Now, check this out: With this many batteries it’s nearly impossible to keep from blocking at least some filler caps with stiff cables. Let me wave my PhD in procrastination and assure you that anything that tends to make a tedious job more difficult than it needs to be will cause that tedious job to get put off with the slightest – or no – provocation. And topping-off is not a job that should be put off, especially with these golfcart batteries that don’t have big reservoirs like the RS batteries do. They really need to be tended monthly, faithfully.

Here Neighbor S has managed to lay out 24 batteries in 3 8-battery strings for 48 volts, without blocking a single filler cap with a cable. There’s a bit of a tight squeeze on the middle one, all the way at the far end there, but you can still get at it with a filler jug. That shows thoughtful work, that does. Series-parallel battery banks are often a pain in the ass to service, because of all the crisscrossing cables.

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5 Responses to Check this out.

  1. Zelda says:

    Neighbor S is a competent craftsman who deserves a round of huzzahs, goodonyas and attaboys. That is beautiful. What a wonderful job.

  2. Unclezip says:

    I see an old diesel mechanic’s work.

  3. Robert says:

    Very nice! I do like tidy wiring.

    That’s what, 1,800 pounds of batteries? How much room ‘twixt that last trio of batteries and the wall under the controller? It looks like just inches and I’m thinking “Oh, my back. There’s no room to fit my fat backside in there to reach that far corner. Of course, moving that array for more clearance would block the window and ain’t nobody movin’ them until it’s replacement time. Gosh, armchair quarterbacking is fun!

  4. coloradohermit says:

    Having lived 20 years with batteries, I’ll tell you that S’s work is absolutely beautiful! Rave reviews!

  5. Nice piece of work. Batteries were the Achilles Heel of my solar power system back in 1999. I eventually just didn’t replace them and now I only use the generator .

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