Comes a time when age trumps tradition, like it or not.

Big Brother has always liked waterbeds. He had one in 1970 when I was in high school and lived with him. He has one now.

But alas…

Unsurprisingly, [Big Brother’s wife’s] health has been quite questionable since our trip. Our doctor is amazing. [She] has been coughing for the last couple of weeks. As he tries to figure out why, that fellow has been calling her several times each week to keep track and to offer suggestions. Few doctors answer phone calls from patients, fewer yet PLACE them.

She must sleep sitting up so she can drain, so our cherished homemade 40-year-old water bed finally must go. It is simply too old to learn new tricks. Very expensively, we have ordered a new split “adjustable” bed to replace it. Like a hospital bed, she will have the option of sleeping on a recline, while I will be able to continue to sleep flat as before. Until it arrives, she spends much of each night in a recliner, leaving us separated but at least still in the same premises.

Life goes on.

So it does, given the slightest chance.

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4 Responses to Comes a time when age trumps tradition, like it or not.

  1. Judy says:

    Sorry to hear your sister-in-law is having lung/breathing issues. Recliners are a real help when the lungs are acting up. I pray they figure out what is going on and can get it healed up.

  2. anonymous says:

    I agree with Judy. When I was recovering from open heart surgery, I had to sleep in a recliner and thought it took some adjusting, it worked out well. Hopefully, the lady will recover soon.

  3. possibly fungous infection?
    someone here got legionnaires’ disease after a trip to florida recently. who knows what disease are running loose?

  4. Andrew says:

    My wife’s doctor made me get rid of our waterbed when she had spine surgery. Made us go to a hard mattress. I rebuilt the frame to support a regular mattress, got the room all ready for her (she was living in the living room on a hospital bed while healing (better access for emergency services if needed.))

    Comes the big day of moving her back (because insurance would not pay for bed anymore) and she spent 10 minutes on the new matress and retreated to the sofa. Next day, I am spending more money for a pillow top in order to get the bed soft enough for her to actually sleep on it.

    Yep. The pillow top got it about as soft as the waterbed. With about the same amount of jigglyness (had a waveless waterbed.)

    Oh, well, the price of getting old.

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