Congratulations to Ian!

Who has a recurring gig in American Rifleman! Check out his first feature!

…and then if you know him you’ll wonder, “Wait. They hired Ian McCollum and then demanded an article on Mosin Nagant disassembly?” Ian specializes in rare and obscure battle weapons, he’s well versed in all the occult mysteries of the 1931 Andalusian PFVC-31 light machinegun and how its rites compare with the similar but not identical rituals surrounding the near-mythical Scandahoovian RXP-29. And the NRA hires him (big bux, too, as writing gigs go) to write about the Mosin Nagant? Okay.

Though Ian actually is expert on Mosin Nagant variants. Me, I can barely tell a Mosin at sight from a Mauser.

I fear I may sound like I’m damning with faint praise. Not at all, it’s a great article. Check it out. In addition to being geekish to a nutty-professor level on the internal workings of battle weapons, Ian’s a funny, urbane and intelligent guy and a very good writer. He somehow manages to combine obsessiveness with cool. Those qualities do not normally mix well.

So congratulations to my buddy Ian, who has worked hard for this major writing gig for all the 10+ years I’ve known him. Nobody deserves it more, or could do it better. Just…please, NRA. Next issue? A less prosaic topic, please? It’s like hiring Stephen Hawking to write an article on the chemical properties of Portland cement.

Did you know that turpulence is actually a word? Because I did not know that.

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8 Responses to Congratulations to Ian!

  1. MJR says:

    Good for Ian! I’m looking forward to seeing his input what ever it is. The article about the Mosin-Nagant is actually timely one of my friends just picked one up to use this fall for hunting season. He asked me for help and I don’t know jack about this firearm. So now I just finished emailing him the link. Thanks for posting this Joel.

  2. Ben says:

    I agree, Congratulations to Ian. It’s always satisfying to see someone work hard, and then actually achieve a major goal.

  3. tamslick says:

    Absolutely well-deserved!

  4. Beth says:

    Bravo, Ian! Here’s hoping the nuttier sides of your coolness get to shine through in future pieces.

  5. ZtZ says:

    Congratulations to Ian. Years and years and years of hard work and dedication to building and improving a unique knowledge base! But does the Mosin-Nagant kill rats?

  6. Joel says:

    Hard to say, Zelda. No rat traces are ever found at the scene of the crater.

  7. Kentucky says:

    And Tam’s gonna be Handgun Editor for the NRA’s “Shooting Illustrated” magazine . . .

    The times certainly are a-changing!


  8. Ian says:

    Thanks, Joel!

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