Didn’t quite beat the storm…

We saw it on the way home and decided Monsoon is Here, which always means race the storm because even if it isn’t over your home you don’t know how long it’s been lingering over a dry riverbed, or the plateau that feeds the canyons that feed the dry riverbed. In short, hurry or you might not get home.

This early in the season it’s not a very realistic worry, but that’s what a lot of people have told themselves just minutes before settling down to wait hours for the wash to stop flowing.

As it is the washes aren’t flowing and likely won’t, but I did get wet going home from D&L’s. Not bad, it’s just … well, Murphy’s having a big laugh at my expense this mid-day. See, when I left the Lair for the Monday morning water run, I absently locked the doorknob instead of the deadbolt. I never lock the doorknob, since it’s about at secure as a hook-and-eye. I so never lock the doorknob that I don’t even carry a key for the doorknob.

Normally this would be no problem, barely an inconvenience, since it’s so easy for even the stiff old one-legged man to climb through the front bedroom window.

Yep – first rain of the season. Big, fat cold drops – about a million of them, making so much noise they almost drowned out Murphy’s happy laughter as the soaked old man stood in the downpour, took out the screen, removed the fan, reached inside for the sash prop, tied back the curtains and grumbled his way through the window…

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5 Responses to Didn’t quite beat the storm…

  1. Mark Matis says:

    I am glad that Laddie did not decide to protect the Lair from the iinvader!

  2. Joel says:

    Laddie just looked skeptical about the whole thing, then wanted a cookie.

  3. WAYNE DYGERT says:

    One thing about Murphy. You’ve gotta admit he’s reliable

  4. R says:

    I’ve been known to perform simple surgeries on door knobs that prevent them from ever being absentmindedly locked again.

    IMHO being forced to use a key to lock a door is generally a feature.

  5. BobF says:

    Stationed at Luke AFB long ago, lived in Goodyear and spent Saturdays exploring in the White Tank or Sierra Estrella mountains. Raw, no parks back then. Motorcycle to the base and kike on in/up. Late afternoon, storm comes from the other side of the range so no notice. POURED ice water. By the time it stopped it was dusk. No way to get out until the arroyos cleared so spent the night wet, cold, and knowing the wife figured I was dead. Sunday morning has never been so welcome. Glad you made it; any door is a better place to be, locked or not.

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