D&L Generator Service: The weatherman let me down…

Today was supposed to be sunny and warmish until evening, when we’re due for another 3 days of sloppy weather. Neighbor L has been after me for the past two weeks to help service their generator but we kept having to push it back on account of weather. This morning dawned cloudy and a little raw but what the hell. Let’s get this off the list before Neighbor D blows a cranial artery.

I’ve mentioned before that over the years D&L worked out rather rigidly what was D’s maintenance territory and what was L’s. The generator falls firmly in D’s court but he’s still laid up. L had never done it before and of course neither had I, so there was some fumbling over this particular engine’s peculiarities. But we figured it out.

L grew up on an actual farm which makes her much more genuine country than me, and of course I was a dealership mechanic so changing oil and filters wasn’t really that much of a stretch once we figured out what was where.

Get it buttoned up and tested, and we’re done here.

Tobie is shaping up to be such a good boy. He’s gotten to where I can trust him to sit in the Jeep and enjoy the view without worrying about what parts of Jeep will no longer be attached when I return. Always makes me smile, remembering how much he hated Jeep rides at first.

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2 Responses to D&L Generator Service: The weatherman let me down…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seeing the pipe, with pressure regulator. It runs on propane, or natural gas?

    Was expecting more technical information, for some reason.
    Oil change left me craving some tech-specs : )

  2. Joel says:

    Yeah, it runs on propane. Other than that I don’t know anything much about specs.

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