Sanded the second coat of mud first thing this morning. The addition is starting to look like a room in a house!

All the time the addition was an inch deep in drywall dust, my big black shaggy dog was exiled to the cabin proper. He does not like being out of sight of what people are doing in his space, and anyway for some reason he has taken a liking to this new space. So as soon as I stopped blocking the door, he came right in and headed for (what he incorrectly thinks is) his corner.

"I'm feeling unusually racist today!"

“I’m feeling unusually racist today!”

As soon as the dust was vacuumed up and the tools had been sorted out and put away, we celebrated with an entire afternoon off work. I took my guest for a nice long drive through my entire stomping grounds from plateau to badlands. Stopped to look for rocks and visit a local denizen…

He’ll be heading out tomorrow morning, with my great appreciation. Without him I’d still be trying to get the ceiling sheets up.

Now I need to mount a couple of ceiling boxes and give the floor a good cleaning, clearcoat the floor planks and then pick a color for the walls. Painting the drywall won’t take any appreciable time compared to all the other painting I’ve done this summer. If all goes exceptionally well I’ll catch a ride to a Home Depot at some point and come back with the wall and window molding I need to completely, no fooling, finish the room. But since I don’t know when that might happen I’m going to go for “good enough” after the walls and floor are finished, and start moving furniture in.

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12 Responses to Done!

  1. czechsix says:

    You guys are sanding too much.

  2. Andrew says:

    Joel, use some primer on that sheetrock. Otherwise it will soak up your expensive top-coat like a drunk stuck in a liquor warehouse over a long weekend.

  3. Ben says:

    Andrew stole my thunder. Yes, primer! As for the final color, think pink! Add frilly curtains.

  4. terrapod says:

    A nice soothing blue wall or maybe lemon yellow? Or is this going to be “cheapest 5 gal bucket ya got” decor? 😉

  5. Dennis says:

    check habitat for humanity re-store if there is one, they usually have good prices on paint and some molding
    Dennis the librarian shusher

  6. Tennessee Budd says:

    Hmmm…right between two windows for warm days, near the furnace (although he doesn’t yet know what it is) for the cold ones….good luck evicting LB from that spot, Joel. Unless, of course, you’re sticking furniture there; even that might not work if it’s something he can fit himself in- or onto. He’s picked a very nice spot.

  7. Judy says:

    We painted the bedroom a blue so pale it was almost white. The other color Hubby and I liked was a color called Mountain Mist it was a very pale gray. I like very pale colors because it makes the room look larger and for some reason calmer.

    Oh, and what the others said about primer, but hubby just used a can of inexpensive white flat paint and then we painted with whatever fancy paint we bought. One other thing, we always bought a satin enamel because it is easier to keep clean and doesn’t show those black marks when you drag something across it.

  8. Goober says:

    Sanding is a quick, ten minute job, shouldn’t take much dust. Be more careful and precise with mudding and you shouldn’t have to sand much at all.

    I know all my advice is coming too late, joel, I just can’t help myself.

    Everyone says sanding is a super hateful job, but I’ve never found it to take much more than ten minutes per room per coat. More than that, and you’re doing something wrong.

  9. Paul Joat says:

    Look for the miss tint shelf for paint, there might be a color you can tolerate for very cheap.

  10. Might check out . Great site. If you don’t mind putting in a little extra time you can have really nice, good-looking wall/door/window moldings at about the same or less than the standard box store stuff.


  11. Mark Matis says:

    Paint it black. That way you keep with the Chalmun’s Cantina atmosphere…

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