Equinox! Again.

Only one person pointed out that Uncle Joel can’t read a calendar, causing the 2024 Spring Equinox to occur twice this year. I was testing you. This time I mean it.

The space between the false and true equinoxes has been suspiciously winterlike. Cold, windy and wet. And I need some sun.

Yesterday I had to wash some gelsocks despite having no practical way to dry them. I put them out in the wind yesterday then rushed over to get them off the line (just) before the rain started again. As I type this there’s a hint of sun and not a lot of wind, so I’ll put some out on the railing for a bit. Probably pick them out of the mud later.

But it is now officially Spring. Rejoicing shall commence. As soon as the weather seems to notice. The forecast for our next real sunny day has been pushed back to Thursday, and I think the weatherman is lying to keep my morale up.

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