First day of winter

Winter is as winter does. If you haven’t frozen to death long before the solstice that marks the official beginning of winter, you’re doing something right. But so far this has been an extremely mild one. Today’s the first morning in the teens.

And the batteries are at their lowest point since last winter…

Horse water is frozen, of course. D&L have evolved a system for dealing with that, and I’m amused to see that it still involves tools they got from me.

The worn-out crappy hatchet came from a clean-up job I did (mumblemumble) years ago: I was going to send it to the dump with the rest of the trash but by coincidence D had told me he was looking for a too-crappy-for-anything-else hatchet for chopping horse trough ice.

I bought that heavy shitfork in the big town about 50 miles away for a job hauling away an enormous and inconveniently-located pile of horse shit in 2014. When the job was finished I would have no further use for the fork, which isn’t really ideal for day-to-day shitshoveling, and planned to sell it to D&L. But then just when I was about done with the job I cracked the handle, bouncing it around in the long-tool pipe of the Jeep trailer. We had some discussion here about repairing it. I ended up just giving it to D&L, and I’m happy to report that…

…the long-term review of that repair is favorable. 🙂 The fork is still too heavy and clumsy to be ideal for day-to-day shitshoveling but it turns out just right for skimming broken ice off a horse trough.

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3 Responses to First day of winter

  1. Fred says:

    I use a stable fork similar to that for yard cleanup, tree job cleanup, demolition cleanup etc. That and a leaf rake.

  2. Chris says:

    Apologies for the above balderdash and greetings from Stellenbosch, South Africa. Obviously we are going into summer here in the Southern Hemisphere here and I can report the weather is also unseasonably mild, way wetter and cooler than normal, coming out of a major drought ending in2018. Our climate is sort of Mediterranean here, a bit like California which is why this is also wine country. I enjoy your blog, came to it through Forgotten Weapons so yes, I am a keen shooter. We are still able to hold onto our rights to posses firearms here (just…) and of course we love to hunt. We have our own shit down here, but life is good, the sun shines, we have electricity most of the time and I havent had to get on a plane in over 2 years so no complaints!

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