Found it!

And it only took me a month.

Big Brother sent me this lovely 12v undershelf LED back in mid-September, when I was by no means ready to hang up shelves. I carefully put it and all its plumbing in a plastic bag so it would be completely safe, and then hid the bag most cleverly.

I have searched for it for weeks. Believing it had to be in the powershed somewhere I moved another project forward which involved emptying the powershed almost entirely, firmly convinced that the plastic bag would surely be shaken loose at some point in the process. I was right about the first thing, wrong about the second. The bag was actually in plain sight on a shelf 180o from the direction of my attention while working on the powershed. I just this morning found it, quite accidentally, while looking for some small screws for another purpose entirely.

This LED, unlike the identical one that lights my kitchen corner, has a dimmer. So I can use it at night or first thing in the morning without being blinded more than I already am and/or committing to being fully awake. Actually I think it’ll spend most of its time cranked to its lowest setting, but time will of course tell.

This was really starting to bug me. I feel much better now.

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11 Responses to Found it!

  1. Judy says:

    The running joke at my house is; don’t let me put anything away because I’m tired of looking at it or for safe keeping. Said item will not be found until we move. Bravo on your find!

  2. ZtZ says:

    Joel – My FOUND IT!!!!! IS THIS:

    BIRTH CONTROL FOR RATS AND MICE. Works on males and females; liquid, in a bait station, so it won’t be lapped up by pets and valued wildlife; EPA and 49 states approved. You will still have to trap them, but they won’t be reproducing while they are eating your Jeep and making nests in your Power Shed. You could put bait stations in each place. At some undefined point in the future There Will Be No Rats and Mice in your area. Note to those concerned about the impact on the ecosystem food chain – something will fill the empty niche, probably voles which reproduce even more quickly than rats and mice because the babies of opposite gender are fully functional as babies, have sex in the nest (even before their eyes are fully open) and the females are usually pregnant and close to giving birth by the time they leave the nest.
    This product sounds too good to be true! Lets get two or three so you can install them and report the results. Shall I set up a Go Fund Me page or is your tip jar enough?
    And I’ll keep looking for more rat fertility controls.

  3. Joel says:

    Thank you, Zelda.

    Thank you very much.

  4. Judy says:

    Zelda – any studies/research on how it affects the animals that prey on (pack)rats such as coyotes and varies cat species? You don’t want to ‘fix’ one problem and create another.

  5. Judy says:

    varies = various No more typing today!

  6. Ben says:

    We are getting a bit afield from the subject of Joel’s lamp, but as for the animals that might prey on the dosed rats; a little coyote birth control probably wouldn’t go amiss.

  7. ZtZ says:

    Judy, the information on this company’s product says that the two active ingredients in it are metabolized by the rat’s body in 10 minutes so any predator that eats it is not affected, and the compound quickly breaks down into inactive ingredients when it hits soil or water. Joel will still need all the rat traps we can send him, but as long as the rats are drinking this stuff they will not be reproducing while they are waiting for peanut butter or bacon or peeing in his stuff or eating the Jeep.
    So Ben, a little segue from one Found It to another isn’t that far afield, yes??? Hope you will participate in the mega-donation of rat traps to Joel. By golly, he can live a disease and rodent free peaceful Desert Hermit life!! Rat traps everyone. Send rat traps. And donations for the ContraPest drinking stations.

  8. Great Basin Mini-Scallops – with a garnish of saffron and crumbled black walnut .

    Ever see the movie “Never Cry Wolf”? It does present a way to put the bite on what ails you.

  9. MamaLiberty says:

    ZtZ… you may have missed this small print:

    “ContraPest must be deployed by a licensed Pest Management Professional.”

    That would likely prove difficult where Joel is.. even if he could afford the “professional.”

  10. ZtZ says:

    MamaLiberty, thanks I didn’t miss it. That apparently was the case when the product was first deployed but when I was reading more about it a few days ago that was no longer true. I’m still reading with the thought that I can save Joel the time it would take to find a place to order. And if he did have to hire a professional, who wouldn’t want to bring a travel trailer and stay a few days where he is? Betcha the professionals will trample each other running for the door to the parking lot, keys in hand.
    This is so interesting. It has been and is being used in urban environments and is said to perform as stated. Can’t wait to see that pile of tanned rat pelts stacked neatly in The Lair. What a photo!!

  11. ZtZ says:

    Online information says this company signed a distribution agreement with Target for their product, but so far no information about when it will be available. Check your Target store Contact Us information if you don’t see it listed.

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