FYI: My email is working again.

Thanks to Landlady.

And I wish to have it known that the problem wasn’t even my fault. The service stopped working when it hit “inbox full,” but I do practice basic file hygiene and my inbox – and junk and trash lists – were anything but full. In fact at the moment they’re completely empty. However for some reason the server retains everything whether I delete it or not, and while I have theoretical access to those lists I would have to know little things like the fact that they exist as well as their address and password before I could fix the problem. Landlady being more cognizant of computer stuff and also able to communicate with the server guy, she bailed me out this morning and I can receive emails again. And I now have that information so the problem shouldn’t repeat.

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2 Responses to FYI: My email is working again.

  1. TK421a says:

    Nice to know that things are back to normal in the email realm.

    Email avalanche in five… four… three… two… once…

  2. Robert says:

    Somewhere there was a checked-box labeled “retain copy of email on server”. Blame Orange Man. Or something.

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