Ghost comes to visit again…

He’ll be staying six days this time.

I wasn’t able to bring his bed back for him, because last weekend he pulled the same thing on Landlady that he always does to me and she threw it on the trailer to go to the dump. Anyway the Lair’s in construction mode right now and there’s no place for it. So I have to put up with this.

When this dogsitting thing, which I hadn’t anticipated when he moved to S&L’s place, started happening I was concerned that his behavior would be disruptive. Instead he just seems to accept it as a cross a dog must bear when dealing with unreasonable humans.

Little Bear, on the other hand, isn’t quite so sanguine. He and Ghost were never friends, really. LB is capable of being rather food-aggressive at a minimum and I always propped up Ghost as the Alpha even when he didn’t want the bother of enforcing it himself, just to keep LB from turning into a complete asshole and causing all sorts of hassle.

But now LB has grown used to being THE dog, and he likes it. He doesn’t really see these visits as a completely good thing. We took the Jeep on morning chores today and a couple of times I was out and about for fairly extended periods. When I got back I found LB in the shotgun seat, which was always Ghost’s, and Ghost on the floor under the shotgun seat. I wonder how that happened.

Speaking of chores, dig this…

That’s got to be my best single firewood load ever. The Jeep’s brakes could barely stop it, so I guess it’s good that’s as much as the trailer will hold, huh? 🙂

ETA: As soon as I was done typing the above I went out to empty the trailer.

One full trailer-load equals a little more than one full tier, packed really tight. Two more like that and I’m good for the worst any winter’s ever thrown at me.

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4 Responses to Ghost comes to visit again…

  1. Ben says:

    I believe that you will actually have more firewood than last year? (and last year was a record as I recall.)

    Whenever we had tile installed in our home, we were very clearly told not to walk on it for 24 hours. But the last I knew, you actually live in the same smallish area where you will be installing tile. So how will you handle that? Might it be as simple as laying down some plywood scraps to distribute your weight?

  2. Joel says:

    Yeah, I hope to have a full tier more than last winter. Hoped to have it last winter, too, but I hurt my back and never got back to it. Would have been wasted effort anyway, the cord or so I already had was more than enough. But last winter wasn’t as cold as expected, either.

    The tile thing is why I decided to put the whole thing off a week. I’m dogsitting for Ghost, so it isn’t practical to just move out of the cabin for a day or two.

  3. abnormalist says:

    “One full trailer-load equals a little more than one full tier, packed really tight. Two more like that and I’m good for the worst any winter’s ever thrown at me.”

    Oh dear god, now you’ve done it

    Why did you have to say those words? I can hear the winds of snow blowing already…. You’re going to unglobal warm us for a decade with that type of attitude.

    On a somewhat related note though, how do you handle wood rotation? IE Load from the front, burn from the back? Or is there some stuff in the back just been sitting there forever?

  4. Joel says:

    Abby, there’s some stuff in the back that’s been there a few years, it’s true. Nice and dry by now.

    But I pulled it all out of there and mixed it up with the first load of newer stuff, so some of it will probably get burned this winter.

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