Ghost is on the job. Which doesn’t mean the job will get done.

Ghost has taken personal charge of that pesky squirrel-in-the-pantry situation. Unfortunately, while Ghost has the size and the speed and theoretically the intelligence to deal with something so plebeian as a squirrel without the slightest problem, he just doesn’t seem to have the killer instinct for it. He loves to chase, but the one time he actually caught a rabbit – more or less by accident, and with a massive assist from yours truly – he carried it around for a minute or two and then actually let it go.

Which doesn’t mean he isn’t delighted that I was thoughtful enough to install his very own squirrel, right in the very barn. It just means I’m not confident he’ll actually kill it or chase it out. But he sure is having fun chasing it around.

My greatest hope is that the rodent will grow tired of this rudeness and pack his little furry bags. But in the meantime today I did get some use out of him. I was pretty sure I’d moved all the vulnerable foodstuffs out of the old pantry shelves and into the new, which are located in the part of the Scriptorium that used to be an apartment. It’s got a concrete floor and actual doors that close – a much safer spot. There shouldn’t have been anything left in the open part of the barn but canned goods and some 6-gallon pails. [Ed Note – Well, I do have a couple of blue tubs in there, and they’re not rat-proof. But no sign of damage so far.] But Rocket J. has already found an opened #10 can of dry refried beans and a package of what look like hot peppers – must have been Claire’s. Those have now been removed from his reach.

So he has provided incentive to take another look around. I’ll give him a chance to leave on his own, able to spread tales of the strange place with horrible food (Dried Refried Beans? Yeash. Who does that?) and great danger.

If he doesn’t take the hint, I’m gonna have to kill him.

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4 Responses to Ghost is on the job. Which doesn’t mean the job will get done.

  1. Matt says:

    Had a squirrel that lived in my truck cab for a couple of months once. I pretty muched lived in the truck so there was always bits of crumbs and what not from breakfas, lunch or dinner. He didn’t bother me when I was driving. He moved out the morning I was tooling along at dawn and hit two deer at once. He was good company for a while though.

  2. I will lend you my Bear or Lola both have munched down all manner of squirrels, chipmunks and mice. Num num.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where is Click in this adventure story?? Shouldn’t she be the one hunting this creature to serve it up as a tasty snack for her beloved baby LB?? I don’t understand and I hate when that happens.

  4. Joel says:

    Click is cat. Cat does what she pleases. In all our time together, Click has never once killed an animal whose death I actually desired.

    Though to be fair, of course, I have no idea how many she’s kept away. The Interim Lair remains happily free of living rodents.

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