Got a little work done, anyway.

Got some shelves up in the kitchen. Took the drawers apart, cut them to size, put’em back together, and got them mounted. The one on the right’s still giving me a bit of trouble, not sure why but we’ll work it out. Got the kick panel cut and nailed up, but you don’t want to look at a picture of that.

I don’t pay much attention to art, but I do have a couple of things by Claire I try to take care of and I hung those yesterday. One’s just a poster, but the other’s a gen-u-wine original. You may gen-u-flect.

Once I get back to the loft bannister, I’m gonna see how it’d look if I hung my Gadsden and Dullhawk flags from there, just because I like’em. Gotta wash the Gadsden first though: It’s been tacked to my ceiling for five years, and it’s pretty grimy and flyspecked at the moment.

Now I’ve done about as much on the interior as I can without more stuff, and really need to turn my attention to the front fence. I was afraid there wouldn’t be enough posts, but I was wrong about that; laid out the right way, there are just enough. I do want to see if I can get those damned big concrete plugs off them, though, and then I need a few more bags of new cement. If I can get the old cement off, this’ll be a breeze. If I can’t, it’ll be the other thing.

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7 Responses to Got a little work done, anyway.

  1. DonkeyBuster says:

    A lift of the pinky to the interior designer… nice!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Over all a great job, but you have to replace the gun rack with one made of wood to complement the walls. The one you have belongs in a pickup truck.

  3. Having had fun with drawers myself, check to make sure the drawer sides are parallel, if it’s binding. Sometimes during gluing things shift, the other more annoying is that the rails are not parallel to each other, which shouldn’t be the case with plywood side panels.

  4. Joel says:

    Anon, I don’t disagree. At some point I’ll get a better-looking rack. But this one’ll do for now.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I had one of those stocks on my shotgun for a while. Was like getting punched in the face when fired. I finally wrapped some foam pipe insulation around it.


  6. Joel says:

    Kel, I confess I really hate that stock.

  7. gooch says:

    Looking pretty danged respec-table there ol’ codger.
    You sure you ain’t really a city boy jest hidin’ out an’ posing?

    OR … in straight sailor talk =
    Your Secret Lair is getting pretty squared away it seems.
    Well Done.
    thumbs up

    There might, maybe, possibly, could maybe just be a little envy in my crusty old heart … IF I had one that is

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