Got all the drywall up!

It took. All. Day. But unlike yesterday where we worked all day and actually mounted four sheets of drywall, today we worked all day and drywalled the entire bedroom and closet.

Unfortunately in the course of that I didn’t take any time for pictures.

And right now there are no lights in there, so I can’t do it for this post. Maybe tomorrow. But screw that, you’ve seen a room covered with raw drywall.

Tomorrow morning: The Furnace!

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4 Responses to Got all the drywall up!

  1. Kentucky says:

    . . . and then taping and mudding and sanding and priming and painting.

    And maybe some trim work.


  2. Judy says:

    Yeah! Drywall! And a furnace tomorrow. Then, the picture of Joel in his smoking jacket sitting in his reading chair with a hot toddy at his elbow and LB (Is it laying or lying?) on a rug at Joel’s feet.

  3. If dog, = laying;
    If politician, MSM, “expert,” etc, = lying

  4. Kentucky says:

    If his jacket is smoking, perhaps he’s sitting too close to the furnace . . .

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