Grumble, again.

Well, D came over to the cabin this afternoon to work on the kitchen, but we didn’t accomplish much. Got the drawer slides all level and parallel, then found that the drawer boxes I built were 3/8″ TOO WIDE. I built them to the exact dimensions I was supposed to, but still think it’s my fault: Landlady got the slides for me, and when she called from Home Depot and described the panoply of selections, I told her just get two sets of the biggest, baddest ones they’ve got. So now I’ve got drawer slides that would serve in a tool cabinet, but need to rebuild the drawers.

Then we cut the slots for the kick panel, only to find that I need to shave a quarter inch off the whole thing.

Then we tried to install the cabinet doors, only to find I bought many, many sets of the wrong frickin’ hinges.


I did cut and place a couple of 5X5 timbers under the stove, though, and that’ll serve till next year when I pull the thing out again to tile the floor. And I sorted a bunch of clothes, brought three boxes to the cabin and got them squared away in the loft.

And spent a couple of hours reading by my cozy fire. So the day wasn’t a total loss. But it was kinda frustrating there for a while.

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3 Responses to Grumble, again.

  1. Big Wooly says:

    “And spent a couple of hours reading by my cozy fire.”

    Welcome home.

  2. I’ve followed your blog for awhile. I admire you for having the balls to go off-grid & out of reach of most of the government.
    I was once a cabinetmaker. If you need advice, I’d be happy to offer it. I’m guessing my login/profile gives you my email address.
    If you decline, I’ll understand, but I had to offer.

  3. Douglas2 says:

    It it possible to just rout out the 3/8″ that you need from the sides of the drawers and/or/cabinet?

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