(Grumble) Damned rain again…

Yeah, it started raining Saturday – coincidental with a Landlady visit, in accordance with longstanding tradition – and it has never more than briefly stopped raining ever since. The rain-to-date readout on my weather station says 15.6″ which is not quite a record for this time of year but still a lot. I’m breaking out the sweatshirts: in two months high fifties won’t seem in the least bit cold but it certainly does now.

Gad, I hate mud.

On the bright side, it’s a great way to stress test your batteries. I haven’t seen the sun since Saturday morning, and…

Not bad, my children. Not a big surprise since they’re only two years old, but still. Well done.

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One Response to (Grumble) Damned rain again…

  1. Mike says:

    “Gad, I hate mud.” You are preaching to the choir Joel. I’m glad to see that the batteries are living up to their promise. That whole living like a caveman thing closes out of town.

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