Guess we should have let it tip over.

Hey, remember last year, when we were informed that with the influx of military people posted there, Guam was in danger of tipping right over and capsizing?

Looks like we should have let it happen.

A push for war reparations and a crisis over national debt collided in Washington D.C. on Thursday, causing the concerns of local leaders and fiscal conservatives to clash.

In an emotional hearing before a House Natural Resources subcommittee, Gov. Eddie Calvo said the federal government had an obligation to provide reparations, even 70 years after World War II.

WHO invaded Guam in WWII? Who subjected the people there to “forced labor, family separation, incarceration, execution, concentration camps and forced prostitution”? And which country spent its own people’s blood to end that? And WHO’S supposed to pay reparations?

Wow. I don’t get many chances to speak up tor the good ol’ USA, but this is a bit…um… Well, “stupid” comes to mind…

H/T to TMR.

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4 Responses to Guess we should have let it tip over.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stupid is right. Or so moronic that it defies belief.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here’s something to contemplate, Joel.
    Motherbatherick was stationed there. By OUR army. God only knows what he may have done or how much of the current adolescent population is his handiwork. Maybe we DO owe them for his antics.
    Think about it.


  3. Matt says:

    We could just give them back to the Japanese.

  4. Joel says:

    Buck – Ah. Okay, then. That would explain quite a lot, and I withdraw my objection to reparations. Though I think a better solution would be to just ship him back there and let him work it off.

    Matt – I’d rather “we” didn’t hold the power to give them back to anyone. For that, at least, they’ve got a legitimate gripe.

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