Had to move the babies to emergency housing…

Alternate title: I found another use for a really bright flashlight!
Sorry about the picture quality, I just had my crappy Tracfone camera and a flashlight for lighting.

So LB and I went to feed the chicks at Landlady’s place this morning, only to find that the inverter had taken a dump again. This happened twice, I think it was two summers ago: It cuts out and when you reboot it starts briefly then the humming changes tone like it’s really unhappy about something and it cuts out again, leaving an indeterminate error code. S thinks a relay is intermittently going bad. It might work fine tomorrow, or not. Good thing Landlady decided to replace it.

The baby chickens have been growing in an internal room in the barn, very warm but also pitch black without electric light. So I needed to move them, a job I’ve been dreading because they’re very skittish. Fortunately Landlady has a big cage, so I could put them in the pantry without giving them the run of the place. Chickens can really trash any room they’re in. They are amazingly dirty animals.

Anyway, what with the darkness I had to catch chicks with a flashlight in my mouth, and it turns out that’s the second easiest way to catch chickens I’ve ever seen*. I set the flashlight on “destroy enemy retinas” and it stuns them; they can’t see the hands coming. So that job turned out easier than I feared, thanks to my EDC flashlight which I mocked when someone first gifted it to me**.

*The first easiest is off the perch when they’re asleep. Chickens are helpless at night.

**For the record, I’ve still not found any use for the flashy modes. In fairness they seldom intrude themselves on me as I feared. But that belt clip did spin off into oblivion just as I predicted.

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