Heh. I know what cognitive dissonance is. Is there such a thing as architectural dissonance?

I’ve been planning to tile the Secret Lair’s kitchen counter. I think I already have enough tile for that, and it would match the woodstove surround and what I plan for the floor.

But Landlady has been following the kitchen’s adventures on the blog, and this morning she asked, “What do you think about black granite?”

Under other circumstances that would be a very strange question. But it happens that there’s a whole bunch of black granite countertop in the barn, where it’s sat for years since it got demolished out of a fancy house in a city many miles away. Landlady always planned to use it in her own kitchen and still does, but the Meadow House used to be called the “Guest House.” Her kitchen plans aren’t as extensive as they were when she was married to a living guy.

And I’ve considered it all through the morning while shit-shoveling, and can’t decide quite what I think about it. It just doesn’t seem to fit.

I mean, here’s the Lair. Granted it’ll look better with some stucco and yard cleanup – we’re not talking Snuffy Smith here. But still…

And here’s a granite countertop…

Let’s try that again. Cabin:



Which might not stop me from doing it.

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11 Responses to Heh. I know what cognitive dissonance is. Is there such a thing as architectural dissonance?

  1. Go for it! Why the hell not, the gangsta crowd puts $4k worth of tires and wheels on a $500 1985 Chevy Caprice : ) It’ll spruce up the place a bit, plus it’s easy to keep clean, and won’t fall apart any time soon.

  2. Big Wooly says:

    Made me spit coffee on the screen again, Joel. Best laugh I have had in weeks. Thank you!
    When living the survival lifestyle, sometimes you win. Definitely not something to turn down. Don’t know how it’s gonna go with the pink frilly curtains though.

  3. Tam says:

    Richard “Shortshanks” Daley once blasted critics as being “Gold Coast yuppies with granite countertops” which reason alone makes granite countertops a worthwhile investment.

  4. Matt says:

    Custom cabinets, granite counter tops, self built cabin to put it in. No disonance.

  5. Miss Violet says:

    I find the contradiction quite humorous…go for it.

  6. suek says:

    Be practical…use the marble. Easier to keep clean – no grouting places for grunge to hide in.

  7. Claire says:

    Yeah, what suek said. Granite will be much lower maintenance and less germy.

    Anyhow, as one of the few who has actually seen the lair, your tile, and the black granite in question, I think the granite will blend nicely with everything else.

    Can’t wait to see the pix.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You’re out in the country, right?…

    Gopher it

    Do the “bottom-hung sinkbowl” bit, too – might as well go all the way.

    Use the tile for a surround/backsplash, if it’ll work with the granite.

    Be all that your kitchen can be –


    P.S. Best of luck with the Further Adventures Of Gulchendiggensmoothen.

  9. MamaLiberty says:

    Have any of you ever actually tried to live with granite counter tops? I have, and I hate them. Look like crap, since I assume you have lots of minerals in the water. Creates a white film that won’t rub off with anything but vinegar – constantly.

    And don’t set anything breakable down too hard… things break very easily. I’ll take good old formica – though I’d love to have nice wood with a deep bar varnish. .

  10. Stephen says:

    Hey, a bit of class never hurt anyone. Go for it.

  11. DirtCrashr says:

    We went for black granite – actually it’s a dark green substrate with big black chunks and cool blue iridescent flecks that pop-out called “Volga Blue,” but you need a lot of light to make it work (the blue), but we got a lot of light.
    And they’re easy to clean but DO show spots – we get Sierra water from the Hetch-Hetchy which isn’t a problem.

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