Hey, remember four years ago…

I wrote a post about a slasher on a NYC subway, who repeatedly stabbed a guy while two of NYPD’s finest watched from the motorman’s compartment where they had locked themselves. When the guy getting stabbed finally successfully defended himself, the cops came out, arrested the slasher, and left the victim to bleed all over the train car. Really happened. Also really happened: The cops were hailed as heroes for the arrest.

Here’s an update!

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  1. MJR says:

    This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. One thing I learned a long, long time ago is if the police are on scene don’t expect them to step in until the bad guy is no longer a threat to them.

    Back in the early eighties I worked at Ontario Place (OP) as a PSO (Protective services Officer AKA security guard). At the same time OP also had a detachment of Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) who would also attend as required. Whenever physical crap happened like a drunk going nuts we PSO’s went in to break it up. After the first few times of wading in to bust up fights and having the OPP watch I asked one of them why they weren’t helping. I was told their SOP was to stand and wait for things to calm down. When the parties got tired of slugging each other then the OPP would move in.

    As Heinlein wrote “You live and learn or you don’t live long” so after that life lesson I learned. I was never as fast in my response to violent calls again. To this day even though I still have friends who are police officers, I still regard the police as mercenaries, nothing more nothing less.

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