Hey, remember those “Tea Party” PACs the IRS picked on?

Okay, sure, the IRS is evil and should be buried headless at a crossroads with a stake through its heart. But don’t feel too bad for the PACs.

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One Response to Hey, remember those “Tea Party” PACs the IRS picked on?

  1. Ben says:

    “POLITICO last year reviewed the activity of 33 conservative PACs for the 2014 cycle. Combined, they raked in $43 million dollars, according to the POLITICO report. Of that, $39.5 million went to overhead including $6 million to entities owned by PAC operators; candidates got $3 million. ”

    And doubtless, liberal PACs are no better. In fact, there is absolutely nothing to keep them from being the very same people!

    Anyone who writes a check in response to any blind phone call (political or telemarketer) deserves what they get. What they actually get for their money will likely will be more calls from more people wanting more money, as their personal information (AKA “sucker lists”) is bought, sold and even leased amongst these myriad organizations.

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