Hm. That could have gone better…

Two hours with that cordless reciprocating saw, and this is all I accomplished…

And I don’t think that saw is going to be with me a long time. It’s not behaving well.

I have three of these cordless B&D tools now. I’ve been super happy with the 3/8″ drill/driver, surprised at how well the chainsaw works, and starting to think that this recip saw is coming apart inside on only its second season. Not sure what the problem is, but I was disappointed at the result of this morning’s work.

And now I have to bake bread, because I was also displeased when I woke to half a loaf of moldy bread. Again.


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8 Responses to Hm. That could have gone better…

  1. Claire Wolfe says:

    Next step toward becoming truly bougeo … um, middle class. Refrigeration!

  2. MamaLiberty says:

    Try making only one loaf at a time. I used to eat a whole loaf every four days or so, but just can’t manage that much anymore. I have a freezer, of course, so make four half loaves at a time and freeze three of them. I can use a half loaf before it goes stale, much less gets moldy.

  3. Ben says:

    Well you have the generator now Joel, so corded power tools might be a better option. So what would be best for tearing apart those pallets? Corded sawzall? Corded chain saw? Skillsaw? Explosives?

  4. Judy says:

    Do you have access to a corded reciprocating saw? Do they have blades for skill saws that do the work of the reciprocating saw blade? I’ve seen a chop saw. I know they have metal cutting blades for chop saws would one of those blades work in a skill saw?

    Thoughts on the bread – If you know approximately how long a loaf will last, a day or two before it could go over, slice the bread and lay it on the counter to dry out. You now have dried bread to make stuffing, croutons, cover with left-over pan drippings/gravy for LB, bread crumbs for meat loafs, coatings for whatever you are frying and of course, treats for the chickens. Other uses for stale bread would be french toast and bread pudding. I don’t use any milk/cream in my egg dip cause I don’t like soggy french toast. I cook the french toast until it puffs up and the egg is cooked all the way through. And since I don’t like soggy bread I not a fan of bread pudding but you might be.

  5. Joel says:

    Ben, right now I’m looking at a corded sawzall. Seems the best option, and I think I can get an affordable one locally.

    A couple of people have suggested chainsaw – I won’t go near pallets with a chainsaw. Chains are very expensive and won’t last an instant past their first experience with nails. I can hit a pallet with sawzall blades specifically made for nail-embedded wood, and they come in plastic 5-packs. In fact normally I try to slice through the nails to make the pallet fall apart with its lumber intact, then cut up the lumber with a chop saw.

  6. Timbotoo says:

    Do you use any mold inhibitors like calcium propionate in your dough?

  7. MJR says:

    This may sound crazy but have you ever considered making one of these to keep your food longer by keeping it cool?

    Just a thought…

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