How I spent my summer vacation…

Half days on geiger counters until Wednesday, when GC Guy’s company finally confirmed a 200-unit order. We went into high gear, and today we closed all 200 and boxed them up for shipping.

That’s GC Guy, testing units before closing up the cases.

And that’s what 200 geiger counters look like, ready to ship.

There’s a possible 1000-unit order hanging over our heads, but hopefully it’ll hold off a week or two so I can get some work done on the cabin. Looks like there are kitchen-related developments in the offing, so I really hope I get some time away from GC Central. It’s not like I need the money right now…

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2 Responses to How I spent my summer vacation…

  1. Matt says:

    Work when you can to put funds away against future needs. Buy silver at least.

  2. Joel says:

    I’m finishing up on re-stocking food. Starting on ammo. There are Lair-related expenses coming up. That money isn’t being blown, I assure you, but it’ll be a while before I get far enough down the list to include precious metals.

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