How you can tell when somebody actually uses their knife…

Ladies and Gentleman, Roberta X schooling some fool who dared suggest the little lady might find a multitool of more utility than a big scary spring-assist knife…

“Knife” I said and knife I meant — I carry a Leatherman Wave on my belt for tasks that need driving/gripping tools.

A simple edged tool is likely to be the human ur-tool, especially as tool-using hominids moved farther away from sources of flint or obsidian. IMO, any adult human — and most children past a certain degree of maturity — ought to carry a knife. Otherwise you’re just a chimp with a haircut.


I like a multitool, literally don’t ever leave home without one. But it’s been my observation that a person who only carries a multitool doesn’t have much use for a knife.

Not judging, of course. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Poor babies.

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8 Responses to How you can tell when somebody actually uses their knife…

  1. abnormalist says:

    A multi-tool is a knife the same way your car is a cigarette lighter.

    Its a lot of weight to carry around for a tool that doesn’t do the job half as well as one purpose built for it, and therefore only gets used if you are already using the tool for something else.

    I have a few various leatherman type tools (classic, wave, edge) as well as some from other manufacturers (gerber) but the gerber evo in my pocket beats the heck outta every single one of them when it comes to an actual knife.

    I think multi-tool manufactures only include a blade these days to sell more after they get confiscated by Thousands Standing Around (TSA) at the airport.

  2. Kentucky says:

    My Leatherman Super Tool has two blades, one serrated, one not, that are exceedingly sharp and can handle any really SERIOUS knife chores. It has been on my belt for so long I don’t recall when I got it, and it’s with me if I’m awake and dressed.

    That said, I also always carry a tiny Mini Buck in the “watch pocket” of my jeans. Its cutting edge is about 1-1/2″ long, quite sharp, and adequate for most daily “unwrapping” and similar chores. There is really no excuse for being without something similar as it is absolutely no burden to carry in almost any wardrobe choice in and situation.

    As Bobbi (and Gibbs) say . . . “Have a knife!”


  3. Kentucky says:

    ” . . . ANY situation.”

    Need more coffee . . .

  4. Anonymous says:

    I pull out my sheath knife at a group campsite. Almost everyone: “Oh, dear. WHY do you feel the need to carry a KNIFE?!” Later that same day the same people had asked to borrow it about umpteen times. Nope, I’ll handle it. Chimps with haircuts, heh.

  5. M Ryan says:

    I have always found those who have the intelligence to carry a good knife upon their person to be a cut above the rest… :^)

  6. A 3″-4″ clip knife in your pocket is a tool, a weapon, and a fashion statement.

    I worked a USPSA match in Bend in 2003 … USPSA gave all the RO’s a clip knife in reward. I’ve worn it daily since then. I’ve found it can serve as a defensive when you really can NOT carry a pocket pistol, and every time you’re on a project and someone murmers “need a knife ..”, its right there. Always sharp enough.

    Got a place to go which is posted against guns? Nobody notices or cares about a clip knife hanging out of the pocket of your Levi’s. If nothing better, it’s a “Sharp Stick In The Eye”.

  7. abnormalist says:

    “Got a place to go which is posted against guns? Nobody notices or cares about a clip knife hanging out of the pocket of your Levi’s.”
    Not quite true, a few years back at Disney with the family, they stopped me for the CKRT KISS i had hanging inside my pocket.
    Earlier this year at a rollercoaster park, they stopped me for my gerber in my shorts pocket.

    Funny parts, at disney, they let me in if I put it all the way inside my pocket.
    at the roller coaster park, they let me in the day before without anything but freaked out about it the next day and made me put it back in my car.

  8. Roberta X says:

    Thank you for the quoting! 🙂

    You can carry a knife lots of places but not everywhere. Hospital ERs are often weird about a pocketknife. I had to go in with some eye weirdness early this year and the doc got all harrumph-y, though after I made a Significant Glance Around at all the lovely, dangerous things within easy reach and mentioned a few, he had the grace to say, “Just get it out of sight before someone *else* notices, okay?”

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