I am the Boomer, goo goo ga joob…

Ever look at a pop-up ad and wonder “what the hell are they trying to sell me?” You might be a boomer.

With the exception of the wireless earphones which are helpfully labeled, I don’t recognize a single item on that ad. And that’s a thread so common with Temu.com ads that I can only assume it’s deliberate. But damned if I’m curious or credulous enough to actually click on one of those ads – I’d never be rid of them, and probably inadvertently “subscribe” to an email list as well.

I’m fairly sure this is one of those things where if I pointed to it and asked any teenager “what is that thing?” – and if I could tear said teenager’s eyes away from his/her/whatever smartphone long enough to acknowledge the question, he/she/whatever would know all about it.

I’ll bet my grandparents’ generation found me as pointlessly perplexing as I find this one.

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3 Responses to I am the Boomer, goo goo ga joob…

  1. Rick T says:

    The things in the lower left are self-draining soap dishes so your bar of soap doesn’t get all squishy. I don’t know if Temu is completely glowing operation but I remember a while back they were offering ‘oil filters’ that would get you a visit from the dog-shooters.

  2. jed says:

    Unfortunately, the anti-aircraft gun is only a Lego model, otherwise, it’d make a nice addition to your front yard.

  3. KurtP says:

    Temu is a Chicom data mining site that offers cheap crap for a cheap price.

    From what I here- what the gullible who buy from them get is barely recognizable as what was ordered.

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