I did not know this, and it’s rather interesting. Also ew, this is the creepiest thing I’ve read today.

Scandal: Hollywood Spends Decades Scripting Hillary Presidency

The Hillary Clinton propaganda machine has been hard at work leading up to her presumptive presidential nomination. Entertainment media have been littered with a multitude of TV shows, movies, children’s books, and even songs inspired by the Democratic candidate.

It’s typical for the media to get involved in a campaign during an election cycle. But in the case of Hillary Clinton, the media have been laying the groundwork for her ascendance to the Presidency since the early 1990s.

TV shows and movies with Hillary-based protagonists? Gospel songs with Hillary lyrics? Children’s books? Dozens of children’s books???
I haven’t seen any of this, but that’s meaningless. I still don’t know what Miley Cyrus does for a living.

Is it so? Is the whole zeitgeist polluted with Hillary propaganda? Geez, we are doomed.

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8 Responses to I did not know this, and it’s rather interesting. Also ew, this is the creepiest thing I’ve read today.

  1. Landlady says:

    Hah – I saw the “Some Girls are Born to Lead” book in the local Target the other day! Almost snapped a pic of it for you, but I had thrown up on my phone and the camera lens was fouled.

  2. Zelda says:

    Nor did I know it, thank you so much for posting this, and it’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever read. OMG Hoping it was a prank until I saw Landlady’s message. OMG

  3. Kentucky says:

    Doomed?? Yes. Yes we are. I cannot believe it has come to this, but the fix is definitely in.

  4. Baron von Cut-n-Paste says:

    Jeez. At least the Romans waited until their emperors were dead before deifying them.

  5. Wolfman says:

    I never watched the show when it came out, although I caught some of it later, but it was distinctly obvious to me that ‘West Wing’ was a way for Hollywood, and much of the nation, to convince themselves that it was all a bad dream- Bush didn’t really win, there is a Democrat in the Oval Office, see, we even have a whole TV series about it, and we’ll wake up from this nightmare soon, right? No small coincidence then, that immediately on the heels of Madame Secretary making a pig’s ear of the office, then ‘Madame Secretary’ goes on tv, depicting all the stellar competence that a tv character can bring to a political office. It isn’t revisionist history anymore; it’s revisionist PRESENT.

  6. jed says:

    > I still don’t know what Miley Cyrus does for a living.

    I think her job is to be Miley Cyrus, and to promote Miley Cyrus. Same thing with any number of current celebrities. As far as I can tell, they’re famous for being famous, and also, I suppose, for being able to bring in ad revenue. That’s really the job of all of these sorts of people. The method, in many cases, seems to be to make a spectacle of one’s self.

  7. Joel says:

    In fairness to Miley Cyrus, I picked that name because I’ve been told that – unlike so many celebrities – she really does produce a product which many people really do want to buy. I’ve just never been motivated to learn precisely what the product is.

  8. vorkosigan says:

    Miley Cyrus is a “singer-performer” At one time, she had a stage personality called Hannah Montana and produced fairly competent, fairly mediocre pop music for young girls. But then she grew older and wanted to escape her Disney clean image and has transmogrified into the crudest, sluttiest, most twerkified pop performer you can imagine. Daddy Billy Ray Cyrusmust be so proud.

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