I expect a complete emotional breakdown later…

Not really, I’m not quite that much of a snowflake and anyway this has never proven stressful before. But I am doing something a bit unusual this morning, I’m taking a half-day jaunt to the bigger town about 35 miles away more-or-less purely for the hell of it.

And also to see if I can score some 9mm Makarov ammo, since this town I’m going to happens to contain one of the only two decent gun shops in the whole region. Considering how many guns and gun-toters there are around here, I’ve always been perplexed by the lack of a gun store on every corner. There’s probably a perfectly good explanation, like “Nobody’s got any money,” but it’s still sad. Reloading components in particular are very difficult to come by. Common ammunition calibers are often lacking – I’m not at all certain I’ll score today. I’d be shocked if there were any .22LR on the shelf, though thanks to a couple of generous readers last year I’m not out of .22. Still don’t plink as promiscuously as I used to, but who does? At least now every shot isn’t a small step toward Mad Max world of crossbows and pikes.

Also hope to score a new pouch for my folding knife, because this…
…is about to fall completely apart and so far attempts to make my own have been pretty pitiful.

Finally, it’s really clouding up! We had a passing shower yesterday, today we might actually get one of those thunderstorms they’ve been promising. So I’m calling moratorium on the computer for the rest of the morning at least. Hell, last time I used it to look outside there were congress critters sitting on the floor – protesting themselves, as far as I could tell which is pretty sense-free even for congress critters – and basically partying like it was 1968. I expected Jimi Hendrix at any moment, maybe a little CCR, and the scent of sandalwood and low-grade weed. If that’s really the big news of what’s happening in the world, I don’t even need to know.

Anyway. Later.

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5 Responses to I expect a complete emotional breakdown later…

  1. guffaw1952 says:

    Stay safe and dry!
    And good luck on your knife hunt!


  2. MJR says:

    Good luck, I hope you find what you are looking for. About the knife holster, have you thought of scrounging up some leather and making a knife pouch?

  3. anonymous says:

    MJR may be onto something. I’ve made quick and easy belt and pocket sleeves from synthetic strapping materials like gym bag slings / seat belt / and other similar.. Two folds (bottom of pouch / top of belt slide) shaped like an ‘S’ and you are done. I staple the sides at the pouch mouth / bottom as well as the bottom of belt slide. Gorilla glueing and melting exposed edges with a lit Bic lighter completes the job.

    Gets the job done, made a few multi-tool pocket sleeves as well just to keep pocket contents safe from damage. Good luck on finding what you need.

  4. Robert Evans says:

    Plenty of Buck 110 sheaths available on eBay for sale, some below $10. Yours looks like a Schrade, but seems to be the same size as a 110.

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