I have my driveway back!

I lost my driveway’s entrance into the wash in late July during the biggest of the early monsoon floods. It was a colossal pain in the ass all summer but this monsoon was a wet one (14 and a half inches indicated!) and there was just no point tempting the rain gods by fixing it before I was sure that monsoon was done. But yesterday while I was cooking pear butter, Neighbor D came over with his tractor to cut me a new apron.

And he worked for over two hours on it!

He was in a perfectionist mood, and left me with a lovely smooth ramp … till next time.

I was out early yesterday with my loppers, clearing away some bushes that were trying hard to obliterate the whole driveway…

…and there’s still some water erosion damage I have to get to before winter.

I’ll haul in wash sand a little at a time to fill the deepest bits, and let wind erosion and tire wear do the rest. Same as last time. And next time.

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7 Responses to I have my driveway back!

  1. Mike says:

    D is a good guy for doing that work. I can’t begin to think of how hard this would be without that tractor.

  2. Iwoots says:

    First time clicking the “Donate”. Came up at paypal as “ham^^.deb^^@^^^^^.com”. Just wanted to verify that was correct (was expecting something like “a.belly.laugh.a.day.keeps.the.tyrant.away@).

  3. Joel says:

    😀 Yes, that’s correct.

  4. Ben says:

    I’ve likely pointed this out before, but….

    For a “Hermit “ you have some interesting, and frankly charming, interdependencies with your neighbors.

  5. ursa major says:

    Niiiiiice! Ours needs some more gravel and I was shocked to hear a quote of $20 per dump load. I guess that is the happy side effect of being in mining country. Down here seaside it is many times that!
    Off topic: Is your Amazon wish list current?

  6. Joel says:

    Ursa major: yes it is.

  7. ursa major says:

    OK thanks ya. Sending a lil something, to the address you emailed me a bit ago 🙂

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