“I immediately regret this decision,” said the coyote…

I’ll be damned. Quarter to five in the morning and I just took my first shot at a coyote in something like 11 years.

In all the time I’ve been here I have only ever killed – or at least wounded, I never recovered a body – one coyote, a female that came into the yard when the dogs were elsewhere and the chicken yard was new. That abruptly ended coyote incursions into the vicinity of the Lair for a really long time. But beginning last Fall I started getting scat in my driveway closer and closer to the cabin, until at last in December I got a picture of the evildoer in action. I resumed my old practice of dumping bottles of pee on bushes at all the likely entrances to my yard and that seemed to close the issue for a while.

Lately poor Tobie has been getting serenaded just before daybreak, day after day. This morning was no exception and he really didn’t appreciate it. Seemed very close, too. I leashed him up to go out for a pee as soon as I was vertical, not expecting to see any coyotes. Mind you, I almost never see coyotes when I’m afoot: It’s very rare.

But there was a small ‘yote in the wash, sauntering to the north like it owned the place. And while I watched it stopped and stared at me – I must assume insolently.

Okay, I’m loath to actually kill things without a very good reason. By far the majority of the times I fire my pistol for realsies I’m really just trying to make something rethink its decisions without bloodshed. But this thing was crossing a pretty serious line. If it’s not afraid of me, and if its packmates aren’t afraid of me, they could conceivably become a threat to me or Tobie. And this sort of thing, rare as it is, is why I have a strict policy of never leaving my porch unless I’m ready to go to war.

I missed high, either because the zero’s off on the new pistol (see previous post) or because I was ambivalent about killing the coyote and really wasn’t aiming carefully. Pretty long shot at a small target anyway. But I missed close, and the ‘yote got the message. Wiped that insolence off its face in any case, and saw how fast a coyote can run.

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5 Responses to “I immediately regret this decision,” said the coyote…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t get the title. Animal ran off?

    Regret what?

    Also, some women on youtube advise applying witness marks to optics.


  2. “…I have a strict policy of never leaving my porch unless I’m ready to go to war.”

    Sound advice, indeed. I never leave my house without the gear to either fight my way back to it, or to abandon it.

  3. Mike says:

    It’s a good thing that you do have the means to end a problem like Mr. While E. Coyote. It’s a bad thing that the sights on the blaster are off. Time for another range day.

  4. Andrew says:

    Mark your private range in 25 yard increments out to 100, zero at 35 yards, measure discrepency at 25, 50, 75 and 100. Also Measuring drop at 125 wouldn’t be wrong. Drive range stakes at 50, 75 and 100 from the porch. A 35 yard zero is a bit to far for “normal” social work but you’re Way Out There where “standard” distances will be farther.

  5. mikemcdowell3006 says:

    Tree Mike
    Andrew’s got it. I haven’t tried it lately, but back in the day, I could hit a shoe box at 100 yards. I was shooting an early Beretta M92 with heel mag release. 9mm is amazingly well behaved out to 100+ yards.

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