I ought to leave him/But something makes me stay…

…it’s the stuff*…
After the post below the boys and I went for a walkie to Landlady’s, to see to the feathered hippies. Most mornings they don’t get anything out of this except maybe water, but in the past few days I’ve been feeding them a little in the morning just in case rainstorms made an afternoon visit problematic.

So this particular morning I checked the water (fine) checked for eggs (none, as usual) and was standing at the exit, and every single chicken was standing still and staring at me. Expectantly.

See, the feathered hippies have a second trashcan in their house: filled not with the despised pellets, but with wonderful, magical Sunflower Seeds. The Brahmas and expatriate Rhode Island Reds love their sunflower seeds. And they – every one of them – wanted me to make with the seeds before I left. After that, of course, I was more than welcome to leave.

“Can’t get through the morning without a little toot, can you?*”

So I made with the seeds. Hey, at least they’re not destructive.

*And if these references mean anything to you, you may suffer from Reefer Madness.

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One Response to I ought to leave him/But something makes me stay…

  1. Robert says:

    You better make sure you have enough for everybody or they might start ganging up on you and shaking you down for lunch money, er, I mean seeds. IIRC, we watched some of the b&w original Reefer Madness during a lunch-time break in a U.S. Navy class. Not being into the drug scene, I didn’t get much of it. Many of my classmates, OTOH, thought it was hilarious. Your tax dollars at work, entertaining dopers…

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