I really must find a way to carry a camera with me…

I’m on the blog’s third donated camera.  You may have noticed I don’t post as many photographs as I used to, and this fact is directly related to the fact that the third camera has survived longer than the previous two.  The first camera was a gift from a dear friend in Texas, not specifically connected to TUAK.  It died after only a few months.  The second was a gift from Grey Lady, and was specifically donated to TUAK.  It lasted longer, but died the same way.  Both had mechanical zoom lenses that did not take well to the dirt that collects in the cargo pockets of my pants.  The third camera was a gift from Claire before she moved back to the Pacific Northwet, and she made me swear a fell oath that I would be more careful with it.  I have, too – it still works perfectly.  Mostly because I don’t carry it around.

Unfortunately that means I miss photographic evidence of some of the weird things that happen here.  So I don’t expect you to believe I have a neighbor who cleans her tractor with a toothbrush.  Even though I really do.

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2 Responses to I really must find a way to carry a camera with me…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Zippered sandwich bag might do the trick. Those pretty much keep the sand that accumulates in pockets from gaining a foothold in your camera. But I’m not a full time ‘outdoorsy’ type of guy, so it might not work. But worth a try.

  2. LJH says:

    Maybe if you cleaned your cameras with a toothbrush … ?

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