I think Landlady’s Jeep objects to being a tool of the white cismale straight boomer patriarchy.

Maybe the yellow ones are female? I did not know that.

What causes me to suspect this is that after I finished morning chores I stopped the Jeep beside the trashcan corral which is where I keep the gas cans out of the sun so I could fill the fuel tank. And while I fill the tank I like to listen to the radio. But it’s Sunday morning so there’s nothing worth listening to on the few stations the Jeep can pull in at all but NPR was coming in all right.

So while I emptied 5-gallon cans into (her?) the Jeep lectured me about this novel that tells how hard life is for South Korean middle-class college-educated women in their harsh patriarchy-ridden society – I mean sometimes they have to make choices between having a job and raising children, I didn’t know it was so bad there.

And then the Jeep played an interview with this girl? Who was bummed about missing out on the planned Earth Day demonstrations? Because of the Coronavirus? And she was totally going to lose her chance to be the next David Hogg? And for some reason every time she paused for breath she sounded like she was asking a question? Which is really weird? Because she has all the answers?

Oh, and also orange man bad.

It leaves me feeling a bit guilty about all that white male privilege I keep hoarded in the pantry. Not a lot. Just a little.

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8 Responses to I think Landlady’s Jeep objects to being a tool of the white cismale straight boomer patriarchy.

  1. Zelda says:


  2. terrapod says:

    Well son, there is the first mistake of the morning. Listening to Negative Pablum Radio. Nothing generates a Btfsplk cloud over your head quicker than that.

    Suggest you download the Ihart radio app and listen to stations that are more to the sane side of the wire.

    As to cars, it was always my impression that Italian and US cars were female, German ones male, at least that is how we used to name em.

  3. Robert says:

    Had to google “Btfsplk”. This blog is so educational.
    I confess: I unexpectedly came into fifty bucks the same friggin’ day that WI Public Radio hit me up for some dough. In a moment of weakness, I gave ’em some of my windfall. Not all, some. I can’t stand commercials or what passes for entertainment on most radio stations so I do indeed listen to WPR for news. Come to think of it, I muted 2 of the 3 pieces that aired this morning during my commute.

  4. Joel says:

    Well see that’s my problem. Even though – or maybe because- they looked at things from a perspective usually somewhat different from my own I always used to enjoy listening to NPR in the car. I liked many of the topics they selected and I liked the quality of their presentation. I have also given them money in the past.

    Of course we’re talking about maybe 30 years ago. Their ‘leftward’ bias has more recently turned somewhat more shall we say socialistic but it’s only been in the past 3 years that we’ve truly and completely parted ways. I do not count myself among the Trump supporters but NPR is All TDS All The Time and seems to consider any SJW angle to be a blow against the Trump empire.

  5. Bob says:

    I used to listen to gay radio for their great classical music, and I, too, have donated in the past, but no more, Too much one-sided social commentary.

  6. terrapod says:

    Sadly true. I used to enjoy it 30 years ago. Fer crissakes, even PBS branch of NPR with Sesame St. has gone full SJW LGBTQERTY and most TV programming has gone fru fru expensiive like This Old House. Just the way it is until the next national revival.

  7. Robert says:

    Yeah, I’m rather tone-deaf politically and even I have noticed a bias in NPR’s stuff. Luckily, I only get to listen during the work commutes when it’s mostly factual reporting of news. Well, for certain values of factual, I guess.
    And OMG WTH happened to Sesame Street?
    I’m gonna go read a book now about zeroing an AR-15 or making a gasifier or something…

  8. H says:

    I still listen to National Psocialist Radio (the “P” is silent as in psychotic) but stopped supporting them financially. Well rounded seems to have become we attack non-socialists from all sides.

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