I totally forgot about this…

At the height of Monsoon Ian’s place developed a big leak at a useless spigot he put in the retaining wall between the Dome and the powershed. I had to jackhammer a big hole in the wall to cork up the leak.

It’s not leaking, I just sprayed a bunch of water into the hole before I took that picture. Before the first hard freeze – due any night now – I need to fill that hole with concrete. And I totally spaced on it until yesterday. Fortunately I have everything I need to do it, which basically consists of some concrete, mortar and scrap lumber.

I packed the hole with concrete as far back as I could, so the exposed pipe is already encased. Next I brace some flat stock against the hole leaving only the very top open and then start stuffing the rest of the hole with concrete. If that goes well – a big Spartan IF there – I skim over the former hole with mortar to make it not quite so ugly. If I’m lucky I might even find a package of pigment. Won’t match exactly but that wall’s so faded it won’t matter – and anyway I’m the only one who ever looks at it and my aesthetic taste could best be described as lacking, so what the hell.

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3 Responses to I totally forgot about this…

  1. Po9limath. says:

    Just remember to match the existing mortar color by wetting a section with water. add pigment to match that wet spot. When it dries it should be close.
    My 2 cents

  2. Mike says:

    You forgot? YOU FORGOT?!? I guess that means you’re human. 🙂

    I’m glad there were no serious ramifications to this. As for the color match, meh, the patch will just give the place a little more character.

  3. Paul B says:

    Skills. There are people who find this to hard to handle

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