I used to enjoy a little NPR…

The one station that carries it around here is sited in a city quite a good bit away from here, and it doesn’t come in very well down here in the Lair’s hollow. But up on the plateau you can hear it clearly, and I am reminded again of how much I used to enjoy listening to it.

But ever since the Trump election, everybody there seems to have gone full Rachel Maddow. Just found this comment I made almost exactly two years ago…

And having just finished my back-and-forth gig up the mesa on the other side of the plateau, I can testify that NPR’s Trump Derangement Syndrome has, if anything, become far more acute. No matter who’s talking, the only time anybody shuts the hell up about Trump is when they’re running a 30-minute piece about some poor LGBT school”girl” having a bad day at the pool or something. It’s enough to make me change the channel and find out if I can stomach current-day “country music.”

It’s sad, really. What are these poor people going to do when Trump is finally gone and the world hasn’t been wiped clean of life by (Trump-caused, no doubt) climate change? They’ll have nothing left to talk about at all.

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7 Responses to I used to enjoy a little NPR…

  1. Cookie says:

    It seems there is no reporting of the news anymore, all opinion. Doesn’t matter which side you listen to. I miss the good old days when you could trust what the reporters said!

  2. Dean says:

    As bad as that sounds, and is… it’s still better than TODAYS country music. There are exceptions but most of them aren’t real well known. Check out Cody Jinks, Chris Stapleton and if you really want a treat go on Youtube and look up Dawn Byer. Mostly I just listen to Waylon, Willy and the boys but they’re not on the radio anymore.

  3. Same goes for what passes for news on PBS. Last time I enjoyed one of their news broadcasts was on election night. All of their commentators were looking like they’d been forced to eat week-old roadkill by the end of the evening.

    In deference to OPSEC I’ll leave out the call letters – but I’d suspect you’d pull in one interesting station on the AM side. Much of the time it was ‘trucker country’ but it’s interspersed with a healthy dose of native regional public affairs and local interest jibber-jabber. Early mornings were kind of funny with some of the local news.

    I hardly listen to the radio anymore and I haven’t even turned on the radio in the truck for 3-4 years. I just got tired of people yelling at me in between the music. There’s a local station nearby that caters to the truckers and the highway traffic that plays mostly old C&W. What I can appreciate about them is that all the commercials are done by the local DJs and they’re fairly low-key in delivery. It doesn’t seem like they use a corporate template playlist – uncommon in these days.

    I used to have music on most of the time in years past but more recently I appreciate the relative silence and the ability to hear what’s coming.

  4. Kentucky says:

    Whenever I need a little boost, I reflect on the election night coverage and Maddow’s complete meltdown. I then look around on the ‘net and find the documented coverage of that episode, and simply glow in the wonder of liberals seeing their queen defeated by the electoral college.

    “But . . . but . . . she DESERVED to win!” Hahahahahahahaha!

  5. bill says:

    The last few years I constantly remind myself when listening to the news and politicians that it is “just entertainment.” Even the weather report is polluted with the crapola. They are all such poorly performing puppets that I imagine Shari Lewis and Lambchop frequently roll over in their graves.

  6. Paul Joat says:

    I haven’t listened to radio in years non of the music stations are likely to play music I like and the talk stations have all gone insane one way or the other. Luckily there are podcasts so I have something to listen to while commuting.

  7. gojuplyr says:

    This may explain things. All journalists are on Adderal

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