I’m also getting better at reading tracks.

Elk tracks have sometimes been a problem for me because they’re not unlike certain cattle tracks, which come in all sizes and a variety of shapes. Elk and mule deer are easy to tell apart; elk and cattle, not always so much. But yesterday morning during my walkie I saw fresh tracks and decided they were (almost) definitely elk, which was good news because the elk usually disappear when cattle are grazing this area, which they are. It was also possible I was wrong about the identification, because see above.

But look who showed up in my driveway two nights ago as if to personally confirm that I was right for once!

That ain’t no cow. Okay – it’s a cow elk, but you know what I mean.

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One Response to I’m also getting better at reading tracks.

  1. BobF says:

    Joel, I would have thought you able to track anything but Australian-unique critters by now. 🙂

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