I’m proud of my boy!

Tobie seems to have achieved total snake aversion all on his own! Last time he seemed to be getting it, but that was a long time ago. Last year I don’t think he encountered any snakes at all.

But this morning he rounded the corner of the powershed and then for some reason teleported to as far on the other side of the yard as his long lead permitted, and strained for more. The reason…

A smallish bullsnake that came out from under the powershed to warm up. Harmless to the point of benevolence and very welcome to hang around the (mouse infested) shed all it likes as far as I’m concerned. But Tobie has decided that “no legs bad.” And that’s a decision I’ve devoutly wished him to make, since rattlesnake bites are a leading cause of dog injury and death around here. I can’t exactly rush him to the nearest vet.

When we got back from our walkie he refused to even enter the yard till I went first and proved the snake was gone. That might be taking the snake aversion thing a little far, but better that than heedlessness.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    He’s a good boy!

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