I’m so relieved.

Seriously, I’ve just been on tenterhooks for weeks, so afraid those brave, well-organized SWAT officers might be railroaded for shooting that evil, gun-toting villain in his own home…

But thank god justice has prevailed. I was so worried.

UPDATE: Linoge has more (and better) to say about it.

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One Response to I’m so relieved.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder;
    If the department of indoctrination can send a blood crew to a guy and boot his door over student loans and all these other agencies like EPA and FDA have swat teams…….. would it be cool if the Marine Corps were to send a FAST Co team to the homes of these SWAT devils to investigate the federal crime of violating Guerena’s civil rights.

    I mean I’m sure said SWAT devils would just lay down and not bear arms in defense of their homes being when one is sleepy and confused on falls back on years of intense training and practice.
    I’m sure there would be no body armor.
    I’m sure there’s be no “I suck dick for promotions or gas, grass or ass, no one gets out of a ticket for free” T-shirts.

    I’m sure because those things surely indicate justification for said Jarheads to kill everyone in the house.

    And none of us wants that now…….do we.


To the stake with the heretic!