I’ve said it many times, I’m a scrounger. I scrounge. I produce very little garbage for the dump. The hipsters say “reduce, reuse, recycle and rot.” I say hipsters are pussies, but fortunately we have reduced our use of them to zero here in the boonies. 🙂
Freeze an old jug full of water (don’t forget to leave room for ice expansion) in a neighbor’s freezer. Tie a string to the jug so you don’t have to crawl in to retrieve it after you roll it under the chicken coop. We’ll see this afternoon if they really make use of it.
I watched a movie last night set in Japan, where – at least according to the set dressers – they have these precious little arched bridges everywhere, even where a bridge makes no sense at all.

I only have one bridge, and no sense of style at all. Well, except that this one does double duty, helping me cross this drainage ditch and kind of protecting my sewer pipe which also crosses the ditch at this point. That cow that fell through the old bridge kind of did me a favor; I hauled this piece of forgotten plywood scrap out from under the Lair last week and had no good use for it. It’ll work much better than that rotted OSB. Alas, probably so much better that it’ll hold up until the next cow’s whole weight is on it, and then the bridge and the sewer pipe will collapse…

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8 Responses to Improvisation

  1. MJR says:

    That plywood should be sturdy but you’re right, for cows not so much. Any chance of scrounging some more 2X4’s to add to the ones already in use? Or maybe adding some sort of base (4 re-bar pounded into the ground with a gap for the bridge?) to stand it up on it’s side so the cows can”t walk on it. You arrive, take a second to put the bridge down flat, do your thing then when you’re finished stand it up again.

  2. Ben says:

    If you use spaced out slats rather than the plywood, (like a cattle grid) cattle probably won’t touch it. Down side; you have to walk carefully yourself, and it’s not so good for something like a wheelbarrow.

  3. Joel says:

    Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have put it there at all except I need it for the wheelbarrow.

  4. MJR says:

    Damn cattle…

  5. Judy says:

    I like combine MJR’s idea of the re-bars with Ben’s Idea of the spaced slats to keep the cattle off my sewer line.

  6. Judy says:

    Crap! My editing skills suck!

    I would combine MJR’s idea of the re-bars with Ben’s Idea of the spaced slats to keep the cattle off my sewer line.

  7. Ben says:

    Did the chickens seem to appreciate their air conditioning system?

  8. Joel says:

    Hard to say for sure, but they were more active than they have been for a few days, and seemed a little less agitated. So it might be helping. I brought it back to Ian’s place and put it back in his freezer this evening.

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