In at least one area, I’m “The Guy.” It seems.

Got a call from my neighbor D. “I need to put a new voltage regulator in my generator. Can you come help?”

D&L have laid so many obs on me over the years that if they needed somebody to prance naked down Main Street waving a pink feather boa, I’d have to work very hard to find reasons why I’m not the guy for the job.


Since I spent a year and a half fixing generators when I first came to the desert, I really was the guy for this one. And I really do owe them big time. So I got in the Jeep.

But I admit I was a little surprised by the request. D can do anything, and much better than I can. He’s a fantastic finish carpenter. He builds houses – large, elaborate houses – with bags of dirt and bales of straw. He makes his own stucco, fergoshsake. He’s an artist.

And replacing the voltage regulator in a Champion generator is, like, two bolts. You adjust the output voltage with a little screwdriver. It’s nothing. He acted like I’d presented a proof for a Unified Field Theory.

Flattering. Also a little perplexing. But it was good to be able to do something for him, for a change.

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4 Responses to In at least one area, I’m “The Guy.” It seems.

  1. LJH says:

    I’m sure that was, like all of your posts, interesting, informative, amusing or all of the above. However, I was struck with the Main-Street-pink-feather-boa-naked-on-one-leg visual and could read no further.

    Will make an appointment for therapy in the morning.

  2. I am amazed myself at times what things perfectly capable “can’t” do. But sometimes even I am intimidated by a job I KNOW I can do, but have never done before. Usually a couple beers overcomes my hesitation and I dive right in. Sometimes ya gotta knock out that nagging little bastard in the back of your mind in order to forge onward. Or call a friend you know can do the job : )

  3. BTW, LMAO at LJH. There, I got my “text speak” for the day : )

  4. MamaLiberty says:

    Maybe, just perhaps, he wanted to help you not feel so overwhelmingly obligated. And I’m sure he had other things to do with the time, so you WERE doing him a favor.

    And sometimes friendship doesn’t need explanations. Sometimes it just is.

    Namaste, Joel. 🙂

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