It’s a part of life, I guess.

Neighbor D’s horse Bud is old and has been on various pain therapies for as long as I’ve known him. It’s gotten insupportably expensive and D&L mentioned on Monday that they were arranging for euthanasia.

Then yesterday when I passed their place I noticed them out on a part of their property where nobody ever goes, and Scott the Road Guy was also there with his backhoe. I’m not super observant when it comes to other people’s stuff but I did draw an unhappy conclusion from the confluence of those facts.

Yesterday afternoon Neighbor L texted me asking if I would come over this morning to help D with “some tractor work.” I drew a not very pleasant picture of what that work might entail, but when I showed up this morning Bud was still alive and as well as usual in his usual run and D only wanted help changing oil and replacing filters on their little IH tractor.

Took me a while to work up the nerve to ask the obvious question, what was Scott doing on their place with a backhoe? L got a sad look and said, “a grave.” D&L’s little tractor has dug graves for any number of dogs and at least one cremated human but a horse requires a hole of greater magnitude. And unfortunately getting the horse into the hole will also require hired heavy machinery, so the whole matter needs organization.

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4 Responses to It’s a part of life, I guess.

  1. Couldnt they just walk the horse to the edge of the hole and know…*bang*…and then just roll him in?

  2. Kentucky says:

    Wondered that myself.

  3. Joel says:

    CZ, you could do that with Grandma, too. But you know you’re not going to. These horses are basically rideable pets.

  4. One side of hole a ramp of earth
    Walk in with horse while speaking sweet nothings and then the hypodermic
    Then you cry bitterly
    The price of love is grief

To the stake with the heretic!