Jeep-related serendipity

This past week I received a new rear window for the Jeep, courtesy of Generous Reader Terrapod.

Yay! Now, on the bottom edge of the rear window there’s supposed to be a plastic thing, there to hold the window shut against the tailgate with the help of a gasket.

Since the plastic thing is epoxied to the glass, I couldn’t re-use the old one. But by wild coincidence I possessed a spare: Last year when I replaced the old UV-damaged and broken plastic thing (yes, that’s its technical name as far as I’m concerned) the post office lost the first replacement I ordered. I waited a month or more then sighed heavily and bought a second replacement – only to have the first replacement emerge from limbo and show up at exactly the same time.

Well what was I supposed to do with two of them? I took the extra/unneeded/superfluous/redundant/spare/reserve plastic thing and … put it somewhere extremely clever and forgot all about it. Naturally when I needed it I had no idea where it was. Last night I finally remembered where I might have stashed it. Checked there this morning – it was off-site – and sure enough there it was.

So good news! I have everything I need to complete the repair. Bad news is that the adhesive takes 24 hours to set up and I need the Jeep this morning. So the window is just going to have to bang for one round trip to D&L’s. No worries, it did it for months last year until one of the hinges broke.

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2 Responses to Jeep-related serendipity

  1. Terrapod says:

    Yowza! Put some rubber between anything metal that might hit the glass and use some tape to keep it from “banging” around. Hate to see that lovely item break before it is properly installed. And talk about sheer serendipity on the bottom plastic and latch – that was a good one.
    If you don’t have any of that blue painters tape around, get a roll, it is great for temporary holding things and then peels away cleanly.

  2. Terrapod says:

    And I am pickled tink that if was the right fit. Looks really nice in the picture. Now to test my theory that doggie will be less reticent about jeep rides.

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