Joel eavesdrops on skinnydipping couple. Elk take revenge.

I left the new game camera at the cattle watering station for most of the week. Mostly just got thousands of pictures of migrating robins…

On one occasion a pair of ravens decided to take a bath, not heeding my voyeurism…

And then the following evening, very briefly after showing up, some elk decided to deal with the situation in their own capable way.

The elk aren’t the only wildlife that notice the camera, but they’re always the ones that take action. I need to scout a better (ie less vulnerable) location.

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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3 Responses to Joel eavesdrops on skinnydipping couple. Elk take revenge.

  1. charboord says:

    Joel, does the camera make noise when it takes the photos? Do you think that’s what the elk are reacting to?

  2. Joel says:

    I think they’re reacting to the IR flash. They seldom pay any attention to the camera in daylight.

  3. DAN says:

    JOEL: up here in north b.c. the damn elk are just the same, everytime they come in to salt block it’s the same thing. GEE WHAT’S THIS, OH WOW CAN WE LICK IT? take a bite of it, etc. same elk herd same cam, mine is white flash tho. moose deer bear totally ignore it BUT not the elk. they are like a herd of 5yr.old kids. gotta mount cam in a box that is screwed to power pole or they will drag it off into the brush.

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